"In April 2021, I was fortunate and privileged to fulfill my schoolboy dream that someday I would own a Jaguar sports car. The XK , in my opinion, optimises what Jaguar is all about. I fell head over heels in love the moment I started the engine for the first time. I had further good fortune in discovering the XK enthusiasts club. And yet more good luck to come across the chairman and automotive artist, Mark Gregory. I was so impressed with his artwork I commissioned him to create a lasting picture, in art, of my beautiful machine. We met at a recent club rally and he unveiled my picture. I couldn't believe what I saw. It was glorious. I almost shed a tear. The level of accuracy and detail is unreal. He captured exactly the essence of what my car means to me and I now have something immortal that will outlast the car and me.! I can't thank Mark enough. He is extremely talented and can do for you, what he did for me. All at very reasonable and affordable prices . Thanks to a talented automotive artist."


"Had a birthday at the weekend, my son commissioned Mark Gregory to kindly paint my Jaguar XKR 400, I was absolutely blown away. If anyone's thinking of a special present for someone don't hesitate, they'd be as over the moon as I was."

Barry with finished commission
"I was very pleased to receive the line drawing of my Jaguar F-Type V6S from Marks Motor Art, the drawing was produced to my exact specification along with some unexpected but welcome design flourishes, namely the Jaguar "Growler" and "S" badge. I'm delighted with the result and the drawing will hung from my study wall along with some of my own photographs of the car.
I'd highly recommend Mark to produce a drawing or painting of your pride and joy."

Finished artwork shown in front of Ian Clear's Jaguar F-Type V6S Coupe

"Very thrilled to collect the drawing of my beloved Jaguar XKR. Mark had even added a Spitfire in the background which was a very nice touch given that is my other passion. Now sits pride of place in my study."
Finished artwork shown in front of Mark Elliott's lovely Jaguar XKR 400 convertible

"Many thanks to Mark’s Motor Art for designing and painting the brilliant picture of my beloved Jaguar. So thrilled to have something totally unique and Mark has captured my modified XKR perfectly. Needless to say I’m absolutely delighted with the result that is now proudly displayed in pride of place on my office wall."
Finished article presented to Brian Thomas

"I have recently finished building a replica Ferrari Monza 850 so knowing Mark through the Jaguar XKEC club that he does drawings of cars I did not hesitate to get him to do one of my new car. I sent Mark a few photos of the car in my garage, when Mark sent me a photo of the drawing I was amazed, the detail of the car is amazing and also the old vintage signs I have on the garage wall he has captured the image perfectly. When the drawing arrived I was even more astounded as good as the photo was the original was even better. I could not be happier and the drawing is already in pride of place on my garage wall. Mark is extremely talented and I would highly recommend that anyone who wants a drawing done should not hesitate to contact Mark."
Artwork presented to Graham Alexander
Mark sent me a picture of the drawing/painting that he had done of my 1950 chevy pick up, until then I was unaware that he had these talents, of course I had to have it, and I must say that seeing it in the flesh has blown me away, the picture he sent of the painting really doesn't do it any justice, it is stunning, many thanks Mark".
Framed and handed over to Chevy pickup owner Steve Owen
"I have often admired Marks work and secretly wanted one of my own ‘Pride & Joy’, a Jaguar XK8 convertible. I was therefore over the moon when I received this framed drawing from Mark. The images were taken from 3 photographs I had taken and Mark has captured the car's image beautifully! It will be hung in pride of place in my home. Thanks Mark!!"
Marks picture capturing the beauty of Phil Erswell's XK8 convertible.

"Just wanted to express my appreciation for your artistic skills in capturing the detail and character of my 1934 Morris Oxford 6, 16 HP saloon. It is hard to explain how much better this sort of image is than a photograph. The image is totally accurate but somehow there is an extra dimension that comes from it being hand drawn. It seems to capture the character of the vehicle not just it's look. I absolutely love the picture and it instantly became one of my most treasured possessions. I can strongly recommend Mark and his impressive artistic skills. If you want this sort of image of your pride and joy, then Mark is certainly your man!"
That's me far right with my loving wife Karen presenting one of my pen drawings of a 1934 Morris Oxford 6 Saloon to its proud owner Paul Scott.

"I just wanted to say a few words regarding the sketch of my car and motorbike, given to me on the occasion of leaving Kent for a new retired life in the less hectic county of Lincolnshire.

Firstly, the picture itself is a pen and ink design, from photographs. Although Mark has seen the car many times before, as Chairman of the XKEC, he has only seen the motorbike once or twice before. To draw such a remarkable picture from such little exposure to the subject is testament to Mark's skills.

Secondly, as a person Mark is a genuine guy, and gave me this picture as a leaving gift, for services rendered and friendship forged over the 5 years we were in the South East region of the XKEC. I could not have been more delighted with such a personal gift. I would not hesitate to recommend Mark, should you wish to commission him to create a one off personalised sketch of your pride and joy."




This is one of my drawings being presented to car and bike owner Barry Wood of his beloved Jaguar XK convertible and Honda Goldwing bike.
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